After making the RAM to Revit tool, I wanted to make a similiar tool, but with ETABs this time.

I learned a lot making the RAM to Revit tool, but also learned a few things that I would like to do differently given the chance. 

MVVM Magic

MVVM standards for ...

Revit C Sharp MVVM

The beta release of the RAM to Revit tool has gone well. I have a few people using the tool in practice and have heard some good feedback so far. I am actively trying to maintain this and make it better, so if you have any requests, please reach out. ...


The Section Cut Tool got a big upgrade:

  • Ability to plot multiple load steps for a load case that contains multiple directions of loading.
    • Seismic X, Seismic X +e, etc.
    • Currently only supports ASCE 7-16 and ASCE 7-22 seismic loads. If ...

ETABs C Sharp

Link to trial the tool.

Above is the finished beta release R2R tool. It seems to work for large projects and should be a huge time saver and QA/QC tool as compared to manually checking RAM beams to Revit beams.

If you want to be a ...

Revit RAM C Sharp
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  • retug on ETABs API - More Examples (Database Tables) -

    Hi rajavardhan, are you not able to delete selected frames and walls based on section properties through the ETABs program itself? Or through the API? I could put together a few quick examples for you with the API if needed.

  • rajavardhan on ETABs API - More Examples (Database Tables) -

    Hi, I am not able to select frames and walls based on section properties in etabs v21 and then delete selected frames and walls..can anyone suggest me the code to do it use Excel VBA code 

  • retug on SAP2000 API Example -

    Thanks James, appreciate you taking a look at the blog.

    The stuff you have been making is really cool too, always happy to see more people making coding more approachable for the practicing structural engineer.

    The package you linked for SAP2000 looks good, I will have to check it out.