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RAM API - Cracked

I finally cracked into the RAM Structural System API after maybe 3 years of wanting to get into it.

The key to getting in? More powerful googling. 

Googling "RAM Structural API" yields some very uninspiring result. Usually the results pointed to the RAM Structural API documentation that …

RAM Structural API - A Practical Example

After unlocking the first part of the RAM API, I wanted to create a practical example of how this could be used to automate a few tedious tasks that we perform in the office.

Chord and Collector Design, A Tedious Task

I chose chord and collector design …

RAM to Revit (R2R) Part 1

The Tool - Download

For a long time I’ve wanted a quick way to spot check if structural beams in our analysis models like RAM or ETABs matched our Revit model. The gif above shows the beginning of bringing this idea to …

RAM to Revit® - R2R - (part 2)

Link to trial the tool.

Above is the finished beta release R2R tool. It seems to work for large projects and should be a huge time saver and QA/QC tool as compared to manually checking RAM beams to Revit beams.

If you want to be a …

RAM to Revit - First Update V1.0.1

The beta release of the RAM to Revit tool has gone well. I have a few people using the tool in practice and have heard some good feedback so far. I am actively trying to maintain this and make it better, so if you have any requests, please reach out. …

R2R - Update V1.1.0

Before we hop into the updates, I owe (3) people a very thankful shout out for assistance on this update. 

The MVTs (Most Valuable Testers)

First, Celt, who is a friend from eng-tips and fellow programmer. His website is awesome, check it out here …


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