After the development of R2R, RAM Structural to Revit connection tool, I wanted to make an E2R, ETABS to Revit connection tool. Below are some screenshots of the newly developed tool.

I made a youtube video on how to use the tool here. This video goes in depth on each button and things to look out for while using the tool.

The tool will be available on the Autodesk App Store soon hopefully and freely available to download and test out. Please let me know if you encounter any bugs as you use the tool.

The tool works to check ETABS beams vs Revit beams and is ideal for large steel framed structures in ETABS to quickly backcheck framing sizing and discrepancies between ETABS and Revit.

The Coding - More To Come

ETABs Revit C Sharp MVVM

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  • Liz_Larsen on R2R - Update V1.1.0 -

    Great job! We've been wanting a tool like this for so long that I'd considered making it myself. During my research, I stumbled across this blog right around the time you were looking for testers a few months ago. 

    I'll be sure to spread the word about this amazing tool. Thanks …

  • retug on ETABs API - More Examples (Database Tables) -

    Hi rajavardhan, are you not able to delete selected frames and walls based on section properties through the ETABs program itself? Or through the API? I could put together a few quick examples for you with the API if needed.

  • rajavardhan on ETABs API - More Examples (Database Tables) -

    Hi, I am not able to select frames and walls based on section properties in etabs v21 and then delete selected frames and walls..can anyone suggest me the code to do it use Excel VBA code