On Decemeber 10th, I logged into my website to be greeted by a scary error message

I had not done anything to the site, so I figured something bad more than likely happened.

The work week was busy, so I was not able to start troubleshooting until December 17th. Running the command heroku logs --tail  led to message that stated:

File "/app/my_website/settings.py", line 108, in <module> raise Exception("DATABASE_URL environment variable not defined") Exception: DATABASE_URL environment variable not defined

Reading this, I knew the database had somehow gotten disconnected. Logging into heroku where I host the website and database, I was greeted with a scary red warning label:

At this point, real panic sets in, what happened to my database? I knew that I was paying heroku to host my website, so I thought was just a warning they were putting on all dashboards. At this point, I open up the 10 emails I received from heroku stating that they are removing free hosting and database services. After some research, I realized that I was paying for the server, but not for the database; I was still using the free tier postgres database. 

Tail tucked between my legs, I follow heroku's "hey you dummy, you ignored all of our emails and you want to get your website back" tutorial and within 4 hours of opening a ticket and 9 bucks later, my database was restored.

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    I’m glad you found the class helpful on learning how to access the RAM API using dynamo.


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    Great job! We've been wanting a tool like this for so long that I'd considered making it myself. During my research, I stumbled across this blog right around the time you were looking for testers a few months ago. 

    I'll be sure to spread the word about this amazing tool. Thanks …

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    Hi rajavardhan, are you not able to delete selected frames and walls based on section properties through the ETABs program itself? Or through the API? I could put together a few quick examples for you with the API if needed.