On Decemeber 10th, I logged into my website to be greeted by a scary error message

I had not done anything to the site, so I figured something bad more than likely happened.

The work week was busy, so I was not able to start troubleshooting until December 17th. Running the command heroku logs --tail  led to message that stated:

File "/app/my_website/settings.py", line 108, in <module> raise Exception("DATABASE_URL environment variable not defined") Exception: DATABASE_URL environment variable not defined

Reading this, I knew the database had somehow gotten disconnected. Logging into heroku where I host the website and database, I was greeted with a scary red warning label:

At this point, real panic sets in, what happened to my database? I knew that I was paying heroku to host my website, so I thought was just a warning they were putting on all dashboards. At this point, I open up the 10 emails I received from heroku stating that they are removing free hosting and database services. After some research, I realized that I was paying for the server, but not for the database; I was still using the free tier postgres database. 

Tail tucked between my legs, I follow heroku's "hey you dummy, you ignored all of our emails and you want to get your website back" tutorial and within 4 hours of opening a ticket and 9 bucks later, my database was restored.

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  • retug on RAM to RevitĀ® - R2R - (part 2) -

    Great ideas Celt.

    Mapping process done on beam ends would be a good alternate user option.

    With regards to the graphics, I agree, something to make deltas pop a little more visually would be nice.


  • Celt83 on RAM to RevitĀ® - R2R - (part 2) -

    Awesome stuff!

    Some possible additions that may be helpful.

    - allow the mapping process to be done against beam ends and not just grids.

    - you chose great colors for the beam maps, if you go one step further with the graphics and allow for a “multiply” blend mode all ...

  • retug on Diaphragm Slicer New and Improved -

    Hi Trenno, I just uploaded a new .dll file to github that has metric units included. Give it a whirl, let me know if you have any trouble on the install. I think it should be as easy as downloading the .dll file and adding the file path to the