My first "Hello World" addin for ETABs is shown above. No matter how many times you see it, it is always satisfying to get Hello World to print out.

To make the addin, I followed Jeremy's examples on his website. Big thanks to him and his github for walking me through the initial setup process for the ETABs API with C#.

The examples that he presented were from the 2017 community edition of visual studio, so there were a few buttons that had been moved around in the 2019 version that I was using.

First, the events tab that is shown in his examples has moved into its drop down menu, indicated by a lightning bolt. This threw me off for a bit until I found the events tab in its new home.

Also, upon re-compling the application, while having ETABs open, I would get this error:

I was able to solve this by navigating into the big/debug directory and removing the ETABS_Plugin.pdb and ctrl+alt+deleting to kill ETABs. Some weird bug that I will need to dig into more, just be sure to close ETABs before recompiling the code.

The Future

I am hoping to make the diaphragm slicer into a full fledged application. This will make the application much more approachable for others in the office and out in the interwebs.

Things I will need to research in C#, let me know if you have suggestions on these topics:

  • A matrix math package for converting between local and global coordinates
  • A graphing package in C#
  • Learning windows forms more in depth

I uploaded the code on github (basically a copy of Jeremy's code) if you want to take a look.

ETABs C Sharp

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  • marcello on RAM API - Cracked -


    I’m glad you found the class helpful on learning how to access the RAM API using dynamo.


  • Liz_Larsen on R2R - Update V1.1.0 -

    Great job! We've been wanting a tool like this for so long that I'd considered making it myself. During my research, I stumbled across this blog right around the time you were looking for testers a few months ago. 

    I'll be sure to spread the word about this amazing tool. Thanks …

  • retug on ETABs API - More Examples (Database Tables) -

    Hi rajavardhan, are you not able to delete selected frames and walls based on section properties through the ETABs program itself? Or through the API? I could put together a few quick examples for you with the API if needed.